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Live music and meditation event on Tuesday, Dec. 19

Please join us for a special live music and meditation event on Tuesday, Dec 19, 2023, at 7:00 pm, in the McLean Community Center, Community Room, 95 Magill Dr, Ajax, ON L1T 4M5.

A meditative evening of music and togetherness, not to be missed.

Sahaja Yogi musicians will be joined by Bash, whom we all know as a fellow meditator in Ajax, along with his wife on Tuesday evenings. Maybe you didn't know that he is also an accomplished bhajan singer. We are in for a treat!

Afterwards, we will enjoy each other's company, tea, and some 'potluck' goodies.

Spread the word; all are welcome. Whether a seasoned meditator or someone looking to investigate meditation, everyone can benefit and enjoy.

Free event (as always).

See the Meditate In Ajax website for information regarding free weekly meditation.

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