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Kundalini: Why is it called "The Residual Power"?

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Kundalini is the most important power and fundamental concept in making enlightenment possible through the Sahaja method. This germinating power found at the base of the spine in the sacrum bone in all humans is often described as a residual power by spiritual masters and texts. Why call it that?

To understand this, we connect two processes that happen at the macro and micro levels. The macro process of the creation of the universe according to Devi Bhagavatam*, the spiritual text of the Goddess from Vedic traditions, and its replication as a micro process of the creation of a child’s subtle system when forming in the womb of the pregnant mother.

To create the universe, the singularity, which is the source, splits into two – the creator and the witness energies. The creator energy half creates all life and matter, and what is left over rests in the universe for spiritual purposes.

At the micro level, when a human is created in a mother's womb, that creative half of the original source energy enters the newly formed fetus from its soft part, travelling downward, replicating the process of creating the universe. It helps creates the chakras (plexuses) and travels downwards, creating pathways. These millions of threads, manifesting as nerves in the spine, thread together in three groups: the Ida (left channel), Pingala (right channel), and Sushumna (center channel) of the subtle system. After creating all the infrastructure necessary for enlightenment, the chakras and channels, the creative power that “remains”, settles into the sacrum bone, waiting for the right point in that soul’s journey to provide enlightenment by rising again one day, piercing the chakras and coursing back up through the channels.

In brief, the part or state of our Motherly spiritual power that first creates our spiritual body within, then, what remains, rests in a passive state, is the Kundalini.


“…when the baby is two months old in the mother’s womb, this life force enters the soul. This is where it enters. Heading down (inside) from the palate of the head, down through the middle of the brain, through the vertebral cord – the so-called spinal cord – and down to the triangular part (bone). When this Kundalini power goes, it stops occasionally, and it causes chakras. And those chakras live inside as centers, and outside, they are called by doctors plexuses, i.e., the parasympathetic nervous system. These people operate on this parasympathetic nervous system, Called the autonomous nervous system. I asked them, ‘Who is this self? Who is this auto? Who runs this heart?’”

Translation from Marathi, Public Program, Dhule, Maharashtra, India (circa 1972).

Sahaja, is born with you: “Saha-ja”. “Saha” means “with”, and “Ja” is “born.” It is with you, within you. It is said everywhere. Everybody has said it is within you. Now where is it? The Spirit is in the heart. But where is the germinating power?

Public Program Talk, Public Talk, London, UK. (December 03, 1979)

Now this power is the germinating power. Now it is called the residual power. This means after creating the whole binda, the whole zygote of a human being, it still remains full. This is the power that we call the Mahakali power because it is the power of desire of God. He desires that you should get your Realization. The desire of God is expressed within us through this Left Side power which you see, the left side channel, is called the Mahakali power. As long as He desires, we exist, and as soon as He doesn’t want, we do not exist. So, the Left Side gives rise to our desires and also looks after our emotional side. This means it is not yet materialized.

Public Program Talk, Public Talk, London, UK. (December 03, 1979)

This is the residual energy of our desire – which means when the whole universe was created, this energy of desire, Adi Shakti, after creating the whole, remains the whole because She is complete, you can say. It’s very easy to understand. Supposing there is a light here and I put a film here, the whole film is reflected, but the film is intact. In the same way, after projecting Itself, whatever remains, is the residual energy, is this Kundalini – means you are the complete projection of that Kundalini, that power which is desire power, which manifests later on into these two powers: the right side power, the one you see with the yellow color, is called the power of action; and the central power, which you have achieved up to a point and the rest is a Void – you can see [where] the dotted lines are – is the power which is responsible for your evolution from amoeba to this stage.

Public Program Talk, “Significance of Brighton”, Brighton, UK. (November 15, 1979)

“…when a human being becomes a fetus, the remaining energy in that comes out and stays here, into this triangular [bone]. This is the germinating force. This is the one, the Mother, who gives us the rebirth. This is the instrument God has made within us for our evolution. It has been made. We have already been blessed by God; I call it ‘God’, but you may call Him ‘nature’ or everything whatever suits you. By Him, He has very nicely put all these energies within us, and through these energies only we get our evolved.”

Sahaja Yoga as Hypothesis Caxton Hall, London, UK (October 30, 1978)

“…is there any method to achieve this sprouting to a higher awareness or not? Is there any method by which you are triggered into it? I say, there is. And what is the method God has created within us? He has created this residual force here; you can see which is called Kundalini. It is called Kundalini because Kundala means a coil; it means a coil. And it is coiled here into three and a half coils; that’s why it is called Kundalini. But this force is specially reserved or is a residual force yet for this occasion when you have to get this sprouting. In simple words, we can say, supposing there is a, now this instrument is here, and it is recording my speech, but supposing if you do not put it to the mains, it has no meaning. In the same way, if you are not put to the mains, you have no meaning. And this Kundalini is the one that is the cord within you which connects you to the mains. But this is a living process. It is not like taking out a cord from your television or any one of the instruments. But it is a living process that starts sprouting just like a primula in a seed and rises up and breaks this fontanelle bone area, which we call Brahmarandra (the soft part of a newborn’s head) and takes your attention to that subtle awareness by which you feel this subtle all-pervading power.

Question & Answer London Session, London UK (May 17th, 1979)

When we cross all these three states, we reach the fourth state, where all three Gunas combine together and flow in one form. This is the fourth dimension. And when we start moving in the fourth dimension, then we reach the state of Gunateeta. At this stage, all our Gunas are left behind. Then you are in the conscious state, and you are one with absolute knowledge, absolute love, and absolute bliss. The leftover energy which is saved within you to do this job that should be called ‘Residual Energy’. This Power is hidden behind your triangular bone [sacrum bone], and it is being used for this purpose.

Translated from Hindi Public Program; Mumbai, India (March 3, 1975)

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